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SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB3 Flash drive

January 14, 2019 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about a very cheap Verbatim 16GB STORE-N-GO USB2 drive:

...sooo slow, then it failed after a few days.

I have to comment about this failure. Most of the Flash sticks that I purchase, including the very cheap ones, last for a very long time. Well, I have only had a couple of failures in several years. I even have a 128MB drive that is still working.

That Verbatim drive went into the bin, couldn't be bothered with taking it back.

This morning, wen to BigW and bought a SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB3 drive, for AU$14. That's it's regular price, not discounted.

Now we're cookin' with gas! I wrote the Russian build of Easy to it, and got a sustained sequential write speed of 28.7MB/sec.

Compare that with 3.9MB/sec for the Verbatim drive. It is so much worth it, to spend that little bit more! 

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