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SSS Simple String Substitution

January 03, 2019 — BarryK

I have posted about non-English translations for the initrd:

The scripts use 'gettext' to translate text strings, which does bring in some overhead to the initrd, plus complicates the scripts.

A long time ago, I developed "SSS", Simple String Substitution, using sed expressions, which was integrated into MoManager as "SSS domains". This is going back into the mists of time. I did a search, found this:

MoManager also has some popup help.

These SSS domains are at /usr/share/sss, which includes /usr/share/sss/initrd_strings. This is a text file with sed expressions for translating files in the initrd.

The SSS mechanism is there, but broken. I can fix it for the initrd. This means that when you run MoManager, you can enter the sed translations into file /usr/share/sss/initrd_strings.

Then, when QuickSetup is run and the locale changed, the initrd in the boot partition will be automatically opened up and the files translated.

As I say, the basic structure is there, just way out of date. The plan now is to fix SSS and use it for the initrd, instead of gettext.

I would like to thank Gyle and zigbert who contributed translations for 'easyinitrd.po' -- I can use those strings in the SSS system. 

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