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BOOT_SPECS file simplified

February 26, 2019 — BarryK

A little progress report on the rethink of bootup fundamentals. The initrd contains within it a file named 'BOOT_SPECS', that the 'init' script in the initrd uses to find the boot-partition and working-partition, as described in this tutorial:

...that document is a bit old, and since then a few more variables got added.

The "rethink" has resulted in simplification, and BOOT_SPECS now only has this:


Where the 'BOOT_UUID' and 'WKG_UUID' are UUID values for the filesystems in the partitions. They can be obtained by the 'blkid' utility.

The next release of Easy will have this simplified BOOT_SPECS, and you will still be able to upgrade from an earlier installation. The normal procedure is, you copy-in the new 'vmlinuz', 'easy.sfs' and 'initrd' to the boot-partition of the existing installation, then click on 'initrd' to fix the 'BOOT_SPECS' file.

As the older version of Easy does not understand those new variables 'BOOT_UUID' and 'WKG_UUID', you will have to manually edit the 'BOOT_SPECS' file, which is easy enough to do. Run 'blkid' to find the UUIDs for the variables.

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