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Dynamic eth handling in EasyOS

February 16, 2019 — BarryK

I posted about an improvement in pup_event_frontend_d:

This is now implemented in EasyOS, for the case of default at first bootup, and for SNS. In the case of first-bootup default, a active ethernet connection is automatically found, and 'dhcpcd' run to obtain a lease. This is as before, except now if the network goes down or up, such as the cable being unplugged/plugged, then the network connection will go down/up automatically.

The modified scripts:

This has nothing to do with minibase. I may be bringing the minibase net utilities into Easy, as an alternative network management system, named UltraSNS.

Minibase is a work of art, and I would like to explore a distro, maybe the return of Quirky, built upon minibase. 

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