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EasyApps internationalized

February 03, 2019 — BarryK

PupApps is a great frontend for choosing apps that Roger (Puppy Forum member Radky)  created for Puppy Linux. Awhile back, he very kindly created a slight variant especially for EasyOS, named, appropriately, EasyApps. See forum post for PupApps:

Puppy Forum member esmourguit has been working on updating the French langpack. He is an old Puppy fan, a member of the forum since 2006, but these days is not involved in the forum, instead spends his time in retirement on the French canals. However, he has come back for this project, which is greatly appreciated.

Esmourguit noticed that EasyApps is not internationalized, so he has "gettextized" it. I have applied his changes to EasyApps, and bumped the version from 3.0 to 3.1. PET is here (121K):

Note, there are no actual translations in this PET. There is a .pot file, and MoManager can be used to create translations for specific languages (which will create .mo files). 

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