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Floppy format PET internationalized

February 03, 2019 — BarryK

I posted earlier about the work that esmourguit is doing to help internationalize EasyOS:

He has also discovered that the floppy disk formatter app is not internationalized.

In case anyone still has a need to format floppy disks, Easy has the PET. Somehow it escaped being internationalized. There was one version that was, I think that rodin.s did it -- very vague memory, don't take that as the truth -- anyway, the PET being used in Easy isn't.

Or rather, wasn't, it is now. Here is the new, internationalized, PET, created by esmourguit (3KB):

Note, it has a dependency, ufiformat, that is also in Easy. 

Also, here is the latest fr langpack from esmourguit (4.0MB):

This will of course be in the next release of fr Easy build, coming soon. 

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