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Notes for porting UltraSNS to Puppy Linux

February 21, 2019 — BarryK

Or some other Puppy-derivative. UltraSNS has debuted in the latest EasyOS, version 1.0.8, see post yesterday:

And a post about UltraSNS and minibase-network utilities:

Minibase, created by Alex Suykov, can be obtained from the project page and compiled, see post:

I have two PETs. The utilities are statically-linked and will work in any distribution (38KB, 10KB, 41KB):

...notice the size!

In WoofE, the build system for EasyOS, in folder 'rootfs-skeleton', can be found the files for UltraSNS. The latest WoofE (94MB):

In rootfs-skeleton/usr/local/UltraSNS are these new scripts:


Also new, are scripts in etc/net, that are called by the minibase daemons:

conf-cancel  conf-request  dhcp-gw   identify  mode-wifi
conf-renew   dhcp-dns      dhcp-ntp  mode-lan  wifi-wpa

In rootfs-skeleton, all of these scripts have been modified:


EasyOS specific, handling EasyContainers:


This is new:


usr/local/defaultconnect now has this at first bootup (instead of "connectwizard"):

exec usns

At bootup, etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit calls usr/sbin/network_default_connect, which reads 'defaultconnect' and as it contains "usns", calls usr/local/UltraSNS/, which launches the minibase daemons 'ifmon' and 'wsupp'.
From then on, network handling is automatic, though wifi will need a password first-time, by clicking on the "connect" icon on desktop, which launched the GUI, usr/local/UltraSNS/usns

The above should be enough info for porting.  One thing to look out for, make sure that 'dhcpcd' or 'udhcpc' are not run anywhere, as they will conflict with minibase's 'dhcp' DHCP client. 

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