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BOOT_SPECS now even simpler

March 10, 2019 — BarryK

I am going through another iteration of refining bootup in the initrd. The BOOT_SPECS file was simplified in Easy 1.0.11, now it is even simpler.

Here is an example:


Variables BOOT_PARTNUM and WKG_PARTNUM are removed. They were redundant, as partition-number can be determined from the UUID, however, I had left them in as a double-check. However, that is not necessary.

Easy 1.0.11 also has variable INITRD_X_GUI, however, that does not need to be there, and is now stored in the working-partition, at <working-partition>/sfs/settings/initrd/INITRD_X_GUI
This file can be edited, it contains "yes" or "no", and you can change it to "no" if you don't want the Xorg GUIs at early bootup.

Next up, I am going to revise the automatic "fixing" of BOOT_SPECS when the initrd file is clicked on. This is still troublesome, and I hope to remove that troublesomeness. 

Tags: easy