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EasyOS 1.0.11 international releases

March 09, 2019 — BarryK

EasyOS 1.0.11 was announced yesterday:

There are now de, es, fr, pl, pt and ru builds, download from here:

These are intended to bootup ready-to-go, fully translated, however, you will find it a bit patchy, with English text appearing here and there.

So, input is welcome to improve the situation! Easy has an app named MoManager, that you will find in Utility menu. This is a nice GUI tool for managing translations.

You will see that there are two of them, "MoManager0" and "MoManager". The former is an older version. Probably best to use the newer one, as it has extra features, unless you have an issue with it. Note that the maintainer of the later one is 'L18L' who will find on the Puppy Forum -- send him a message if you want to report a bug or need help. Puppy Forum:

I have created a new "International" section in the EasyOS forum:

If you would like to contribute translations, even if just for one file, that is great, post it to the forum in that "International" section.

One area that does need translation is the early bootup text. In MoManager, you will see a section named "SSS" and in that, the files boot_strings and initrd_strings. The former is translations for the menu you see when first booting, and the latter is for translations during bootup (in the initrd).

We did have translations for the initrd, for some of the languages, however, the translation method got changed with 1.0.11 (changed from using gettext to SSS).

Here are some links about MoManager and non-English builds: 

Any help, however small, is most welcome! 

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