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EasyOS version 1.0.13 released

March 14, 2019 — BarryK

Version 1.0.11 was released on March 8:

...please read this link for release notes and install instructions.

Since then, there has been simplification and bug-fixing inside the initrd. Thanks to the guys on the forums who helped me discover bugs and various little issues.

Download from here:

Version 1.0.13 has Xorg GUIs in the initrd for choosing locale/keyboard-layout and entering password, however, for the English build have disabled these, back on the non-GUI entry as per earlier releases.

The Xorg GUIs are still there though, and can be turned on. They will be enabled by default for the non-English builds.

So far, have only uploaded the English build, plan to do the international builds tomorrow. 

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