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EasyOS version 1.0.14 released

March 15, 2019 — BarryK

Yes, another one! Version 1.0.13 was released barely 24 hours ago:

The reason for this rapid version-jump, is that I decided to go back to NetworkManager. Or rather, they are all still there, UltraSNS included, but NetworkManager is now in the build and is the default.

The reason for this change is that some testers have reported issues with UltraSNS, wired and wireless. Wired works beautifully for me, but last night was experimenting with wireless and it was misbehaving.

The 'wsupp' daemon in minibase network utilities, used for UltraSNS, sometimes hangs while scanning. This was reported to the developer, and I notice some recent commits that might address this problem.

UltraSNS was the default in Easy 1.0.8 up to 1.0.13. NetworkManager was in 1.0.

NetworkManager works well, and if you click on the "connect" icon you get a GUI, named "nmtui". The only slight downside to this GUI is that it is a text-mode UI, requiring keyboard navigation.

I will continue to investigate minibase-network utilities, but for now, we will stay with NetworkManager.

Download from here:

There was a question on the forum about what if the PC that you would like to install to, it's internal drive that is, already has an ESP, that is used by one or more Linux distributions -- can that be also used by the Easy installation, rather than creating another ESP partition?

Short answer: yes, it can be shared, with qualifications.

I will do such an install very soon and document it. 

Regarding 1.0.13, if you have already installed it to internal drive, that's very good, as you can then try out the simple version upgrading, as described here:

Have fun! 

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