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Install to SSD tutorial updated

March 09, 2019 — BarryK

I have updated this tutorial:

As well as updating it, I also endeavoured to make it simpler. The problem is, if a lot of detail is provided, some people have a very low threshold for absorbing information, and they flounder.

It has to be a tradeoff, and in this page I have moved toward less detail, unless it is strictly required.

What has prompted this, is the comment of one person that the EasyOS documentation is "confusing at best". This is from the user-reviews at

The average so far is 7.7/10, which is reasonable!

Anyway, for those who cannot cope with anything more than short, completely dumbed-down tutorials, I hope to achieve a balance that they can strive to comprehend.

Then there was one person complaining that Easy does not have Synaptic package manager or Thunderbird! Ha ha, please close the door on your way out.

EasyOS is an experimental distribution, compiled entirely from source, and has a small collection of packages. It has a package manager, in fact two, SFSget and PETget, and a Thunderbird-equivalent in the SeaMonkey suite.

But this is another problem, people complain if the distribution is unfamiliar, if the procedures and apps are different. There is no interest in learning or adapting. This is another class of people that should quietly move-on.

I am having bit of a whinge, but why not, it is frustrating to read the posts of those unwilling to embrace what EasyOS is all about. Not that I really care, I don't really want Easy to become "popular", just a niche player for those interested in its unique features. 

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