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New Suzuki 2019 Jimny 4x4

March 05, 2019 — BarryK

The little Suzuki 4-wheel-drive car has a long history. I owned an original model in the 70s, an LJ50 2-stroke. It was awful driving on the road, fantastic off. In the mid-80s I briefly owned a Sierra, with 1.3 litre 4-stroke engine, and as I recall, if was OK driving on the road, and took it for country trips -- it was even OK on the highway -- but then, my standard was probably quite low, as I had always owned very small cars.

Both of those were purchased second-hand. Now it is 2019 and Suzuki are advertising a brand new Jimny. The Jimny models superseded the Sierra models. The advertised price here in Australia (by Suzuki Australia, the importer) is AU$23,990 plus on-road-costs.

I enquired with local Suzuki dealers, and they are asking AU$27,990 drive-away price. That is a big jump from AU$23,990. Am I getting cynical in my old age? A cynical person might think that the price hike is cleverly contrived. And then there is an extra AU$500 for any colour other than white.

You see, Suzuki announced that very limited numbers would be imported, which resulted in pre-orders, and a growing backlog -- they are now saying, if you order now you will get it in 2020. Meanwhile, the rave reviews and marketing hype continue to build up the expectation.

There is no discount, you buy at the price they ask, and go into the waiting list. I am drooling over it, very fond of that little car, but probably won't buy one. Suzuki, if you put it on sale later this year, you will tempt me...

It seems that my cynicism was misplaced. Suzuki was genuinely surprised by the sales of the new model. They have one factory in Japan running 23 hours per day, and are planning to utilize another plant.


Australian Suzuki distributor:


There are plenty of YouTube videos, here is one with some on-road testing:

An off-road video: 


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