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EasyOS Thud build progressing slowly

April 03, 2019 — BarryK

A short progress report. I am still here, working on the Thud build, which will be version 2.0.

Everything got compiled in my port of OE, and some big packages were compiled manually in a running Easy (such as SeaMonkey, Scribus, LibreOffice and Inkscape). Then I decided to bump the versions of 'icu' and 'poppler', so yesterday reran OE. Fixing some things in Woof, next have to recompile SeaMonkey, etc, due to the changed libs -- and that takes awhile, LibreOffice is an overnight compile.

I am rewriting 'pup_event_front_d', converted from BaCon to C. It wasn't working right, and with C code I can see more precisely what is going on.

Lots more things to do, so cannot really say when to expect 2.0, maybe about 3 weeks away. 

Tags: easy