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Grey Nomads newsletter April 2019

April 06, 2019 — BarryK

I recently contemplated the issues of being a "grey nomad" of-no-fixed-address:

One of the main websites for grey nomads, and grey-nomad-wannabes like myself:


They have a monthly newsletter, and here is the April edition:

On their website, you can subscribe to receive it via email.

There is an interesting article, a chap who is an experienced driver, trucks and caravans, was driving at only 95kmph on a straight road, when his caravan started to sway "for no reason". It was written-off, and he used the insurance money to buy a motorhome.

He had taken all the precautions, seemed as had the right equipment, yet the sway still happened. Perhaps the ratio of caravan-to-car needs to be different, that is, a bigger and heavier car and/or smaller caravan. 

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