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Planning a DIY solar water distiller

April 23, 2019 — BarryK

I posted recently about this Carocell 1000 solar water distiller, that was given to me about five years ago:

The problem is the size, 1.1m x 1.1m. I would need a roof rack, and preferably slide it under the rack, so would have to buy a roof rack with 45mm clearance above the roof. Well, there is such a roof rack, but currently that is the only purpose that I have for the roof rack.

I plan to create a shelving system in the back of the car, and can have a shelf into which a solar water panel can slide. But the width of the back door is only about 1m, too narrow for the Carocell.

So, playing with ideas for building my own. It will be a flat panel, with water trickle-down, through a cloth. I have ordered a special eco-friendly cloth to test, and also have corresponded with a chap in the US who has made a similar type of trickle-down panel. He advised a certain cloth that I could try.

I was thinking of making the frame from pine, pure pine, nothing laminated or chipboard. The danger is chemicals evaporating in the hot wet conditions inside the panel. But then, should the wood be left bare, or painted? If painted, same problem with dangerous chemicals.

It would be good to seal the surface of the wood, but it would have to be a "safe" product. I have asked for a recommendation on the "Green tech" thread of the Whirlpool forum:

Don't know if anyone will reply. Might have to take a punt on some product. Or, make the frame from aluminium. 

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