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Thud goes thud again

April 09, 2019 — BarryK

Easy is using a simple HTML viewer for local help files, named "surfer", which uses libhtml, an old gtk+-2 library. However, in the Thud build it crashed. After a couple of hours puzzling, I found that HTML files with a line-feed after the "</html>" tag, caused the crash. Remove that LF from end of file, surfer works.

However, surfer in Pyro build of Easy is quite OK with that LF at end of file.

I suspect a change in gtk+-2. Pyro has 2.4.31, Thud has 2.4.32.

Then there is Xine UI, it hangs, hangs the entire desktop. Very reluctant to be forced to change media player because of that. 

Tags: easy