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DreamPot thermal cooker

May 31, 2019 — BarryK

I am always on the lookout for new ideas for camping. came across this, recommended in a Facebook caravan & camping group: the DreamPot.


This webpage explains it:

And here is a short video:

Would need a heat source. On previous camping trips, I have used a burner screwed on top of a gas cylinder, so that would do the job. Saving 88% of the gas on each use, makes it an attractive proposition.

The 3litre size would suit me. Well, maybe, might consider buying it one day, not now. 

EDIT 2019-06-01:
Received an email from Derek, that this is a very old principle, that is very easy to do yourself. Just get a cardboard box, and insert a saucepan, with clothes or anything packed around it.

Yes, there is no need to spend $199! Some types cost a lot more.

There is another one named BillyBoil, much cheaper, AU$80. I also read that Aldi sometimes has a thermal cooker, as a special buy. Apparently, the Aldi one had a 36W 12V heater, to keep up the temperature, and it sold for AU$99.

While reading reports on thermal cookers, I came across mention of the temperature "danger zone", which is 5degC to 63degC. If using a thermal cooker, the temperature must not drop to 63degC or below, to avoid food poisoning. The Wikipedia has info on this:  

EDIT 2019-06-03:
Received an email from Jon, which included this:

We use to use an ordinary pressure-cooker and a straw filled box back in the '70's. The pressure cooker had the pressure-cap off while on the stove until boiling, cap was on then until time to open up, hot still after about 4hrs.

The idea of using a pressure cooker is very interesting. 

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