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Solar water distiller online references

May 23, 2019 — BarryK

For anyone who is interested in how these are designed, here are a few online documents. There are lots of academic research papers, many requiring payment to download, but I have only listed here some practical articles, particularly if they have DIY information.

This is a good overview of different types:

My particular interest is the trickle-down type, using a wicking cloth. There is not much practical DIY information on this type, but here is one, from "Mother Earth News"

I remember "Mother Earth News" from many many years ago, and I am surprised that it is still going, in downloadable digital form or as a printed magazine (6 issues per year). Just checked, the magazine started in 1970 (

This PDF is quite useful, with some practical details on materials to use in the construction:

None of these documents describe the type of design used in the F-Cubed Carocell, a trickle-down design with condensation in front and back of the panel. I think did come across some designs like that somewhere, might have been in one of the academic papers. 

EDIT 2019-05-27:
I have had some communications with a chap who has built a solar still that he sells locally in the US. We have discussed suitable wicking materials. You might be interested to see a practical still design based on the same principle as the one I am building. Here is a video:

There are some interesting design notes on his website, particularly with regard to use of safe materials: 

EDIT 2019-05-30:
Links to academic papers PDFs here:  

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