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Starting on solar distiller prototype 2

May 27, 2019 — BarryK

The design of prototype #2 is looking so good, that starting on it even before #1 is finished -- and might not finish #1. The problem is, glass is not cheap, and the dimensions of #2 are different from #1, so cannot reuse the glass.

Here is a photo of #1:

img1 can see the aluminium sheet, that will have the black trickle-cloth on top of it.

On the right side is the inlet tube, which has two holes in it. This is something that still needs to be fine-tuned, so #1 will serve that purpose. The top tube can be turned, and even removed, to experiment with the number of holes.

Prototype #2 will have glass instead of aluminium, a plus for health concerns, also glass is an insulator, will help to trap the heat in the cloth.

So, #2 will have two pieces of glass, and I have been quoted AU$88, 3mm window glass.

On the left of the above photo, you can see the "dirty" and distiller water runoffs. #2 has simplified this considerably.

Next step is to experiment with the trickle cloth on #1. I have a black felt, but not yet certain that it is the best material, as it is a bit slow to "wet". 

Note, the final product will have fold-out legs on the bottom. 

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