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Tecsun PL-310ET world-band radio

May 24, 2019 — BarryK

Continuing with the "grey nomad" outfitting. When I go camping, with car and tent, I like to listen to the radio. problem is, the only one I own is in the car, and the ignition has to be turned on (in the first position), and it only has AM and FM, no shortwave.

These days, listening to the radio, AM/FM/SW, is less popular. It is all Internet and streaming media. However, an "old fashioned" world-band radio is pleasant entertainment in the tent at night. Besides, many campsites do not have wi-fi signal. So, what to buy...

Curiously, I couldn't find much choice in the local shops. I would like to run it off 5V USB, and direct frequency entry at the keypad would be nice. Must have a socket for external antenna. Narrows it down.

Narrows it down too much, couldn't find anything local. So, look online, but it must be a reputable brand. There are some discussion threads on world-band radios at the Whirlpool forum, and I came to the conclusion that the Tecsun brand will be a good buy. Here is a forum thread discussing Tecsun radios:

Narrowed it down to the PL-310ET. There is an Australian business that sells these:


However, I ordered it from Hong Kong, along with an external antenna:

Price for radio was AU$63.92, antenna AU$12.60, adding 10% GST (sales tax in Australia, automatically deducted by eBay) was AU$7.67, total cost AU$84.19.  Superb price.

Note, the eBay vendor that I bought from sells the English version. Some other vendors sell a version that has mixed Chinese and English. Finally, if you would like to see a video review: 

EDIT 2019-05-31:
The radio arrived today, in my letterbox. It had a tracking number, but no signature was required. I suppose, the more expensive postage option would have the sign-on-delivery. Surprised how fast it got here. Quick test, it works, and works well.

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