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Thoughts about solar distiller prototype no.1

May 16, 2019 — BarryK

There was some feedback after yesterday's post:

Derek suggested that I use cling film (also known as cling-wrap or glad-wrap) on the glass, so will be able to lift the glass off afterward and peal off the film.

I need to experiment with that option. Selleys 401 sealant is "acidic cure", and it might bond to the cling-film, so I might be able to get the glass off, but have to leave the cling-film behind.

Max expressed concern about aluminium and link with alzheimer's disease. Yes, it is a matter of trying to find the lesser evil. The Carocell panel is made with aluminium and plastic, and both of these may have issues. At least I am using a glass pane rather than plastic film.

However, it seems the jury is still out, linking alzheimer's with aluminium:

Anyway, this is prototype #1, and I will be able to change the aluminium sheet with something else, or coat it. The wicking cloth is another unknown -- I have obtained a black eco-friendly felt, and a quick test it seems to have OK wicking properties -- but that is another thing that may need to be improved. 

One interesting point. The solar distiller could be use to heat water. When camping, that could be very handy when want to have a shower, as there are portable outdoor shower units that have a 12V pump available. I think, if the water input flow rate is increased, so that most goes through without getting evaporated, just warmed, we could then fairly quickly collect enough for a shower. But of course, once collected, it will start cooling. Interesting possibility, definitely needs checking out! 

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