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2nd test solar water distiller prototype-2

June 18, 2019 — BarryK

Just a short report. There is some sunshine today, Tuesday, 18th June 2019, the rest of the week overcast with showers, then next week rain, rain and more rain. So, have taken the opportunity to test the solar water distiller today.

This is prototype #2, that I reported on construction of, with DIY plans, a couple of days ago:

I looked outside at 9.00am this morning, and it was cool, with mostly sunny sky, just some wispy cloud here and there. So, at 9.05am had the panel setup and ready to go.

At 10.00am, ambient temperature was 13degC, the front of the panel, holding the IR thermometer at 90 degrees from the plane of the glass, about 2 inches away, got 28degC, and on the back 23degC.

I noticed about midday that the sky had become more cloudy.

I came back at 2.15pm, the sky had become more blue, less clouds, ambient now 17degC, front 43degC, back 37degC.

I had to stop the test at 3.10pm, as shade from the patio had reached the edge of the panel. Measured collected distilled water: 560 millilitres.

From today's test, have identified two issues. Firstly, the water flow from the three 1mm holes is a bit more than I want, and cannot adjust down. I think, need to try with two 1mm holes, or drill even smaller holes -- presuming that I can find a smaller drill-bit.

Secondly, the temperature on the back of the panel, 37 degrees C, will be reducing the efficiency of the panel. I am going to experiment with some extra insulation stuck onto the back.

Next test, will probably setup the Carocell solar distiller alongside, for comparison. That is the "gold standard" to measure against, as it is very high efficiency. 

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