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cdrtools package for EasyOS

June 09, 2019 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about a negative experience using pBurn:

EasyOS has an old version of pBurn, the last version that supports cdrkit.

Need to evaluate the latest pBurn, first step is to change from cdrkit to cdrtools.

Download link and compile instructions for cdrtools can be found here:

I have compiled it and created a PET:

Next step, download the latest pBurn... 

pBurn success

I am happy to report that cdrtools and latest pBurn works. I burnt the Absolute Linux ISO to a DVD-RW, and it verified OK.

There was already pBurn 4.3.16 in the 'noarch' repository on, however, I have modified it a little bit:

The little change that I made is move '/root/.config/rox.sourceforge/net/OpenWith/.application_x-cd-image' to '/etc/xdg/', as this is where EasyOS keeps all the mime-sensitive symlinks for ROX.

I also renamed 'Burn with pBurn' to 'Burn-with-pBurn', as Woof has a problem with the spaces -- perhaps that is fixed in woof-CE? 

Current users of EasyOS can install these PETs. I took the precaution of first "uninstalling" the original pBurn, via the menu: "Setup -> Remove builtin packages", before installing the new pBurn. 

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