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EasyOS build from Slackware packages

June 07, 2019 — BarryK

EasyOS verions 0.8.x to present (1.0.14), has been built in Woof from binary packages that I compiled entirely from source, using my port of OpenEmbedded/Yocto.

The last update of my OE port, that I codenamed "thud", has issues. It was an lot of work, and trying to fix packages that don't work right, is a never-ending task. The thing is, the major distros have many people working on compiling packages and getting them to work right in the host OS environment. I have to save myself a lot of frustration and leverage on that.

Then there is the problem of getting some packages to compile. That can be very frustrating also. With a major distro, those hurdles are jumped, with the maintainers having created patches and whatever else the package needs to compile and work properly.

Woof, from its inception, was designed to build Puppy Linux from the binary packages of any other distro. That continues with woof-CE, used to build the current releases of Puppy, using, for example, Debian and Ubuntu binary DEB packages.

My fork of Woof builds Quirky and EasyOS. I called it woofQ, but then Quirky got retired, so now just call it Woof, though I suppose it could be named woofE.

I have a philosophical objection to building EasyOS from Debian or Ubuntu DEBs. Various reasons. I don't like the way that they mess around with the organization of packages, and breaking them up into multiple small DEBs. Especially, I don't like the dependence on systemd.

Slackware leaves the packages complete, and pristine, as the original authors designed them. Slackware does not use systemd. Slackware is conservative in every respect, and is one of the few remaining Linux distros that remain true to its Unix roots, in terms of simplicity, file hierarchy and configuration.

I was going to wait until version 15.0 is released, but that is a never-ending wait. The current version, 14.2, was released in 2016, and there was some discussion about releasing 15.0 in 2018, but it didn't happen.

So, I will draw the binary packages from "slackware-current", and maybe just assign it as version 14.99.

Importantly, I need to be able to create aarch64 builds of Easy. The official Slackware repository only supports 32-bit ARM, however, there is an unofficial arm64 port:

Slarm64 packages are here:

There are some other aarch64 packages here:

Great, I appreciate the work that these guys are doing, adding aarch64 support to Slackware.  

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