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Very negative experience with pBurn

June 08, 2019 — BarryK

This morning I had a very negative experience with pBurn, the CD/DVD burner app in EasyOS. pBurn is version 3.7.18, the last version that supports cdrkit. There are later versions, that required cdrtools.

I downloaded Absolute Linux, a 2GB ISO file. Then attempted to use pBurn to write to a DVD-RW.

pBurn uses /root/my-documents/tmp as temporary storage, and I have 5.9GB free space in it. Note, /tmp has a tmpfs mounted on it, with 7GB free.

Proceeded to write the ISO to the DVD, it got to 99.9% completed, then came up with an error message "ran out of temporary storage". What! How can that be?

The surprises did not stop there, as I then discovered that the 2GB ISO file that I had downloaded, had been deleted. Yep, deleted, erased, vamoosed.

First question, why is temporary storage required? It isn't, an ISO file can be written to CD/DVD directly, there is no need for any temporary storage.

Second question, how can a 2GB ISO file use up 5.9GB of storage?

Third question, how is it possible to justify deletion of the original file? Without asking!

I downloaded the ISO again, and used the ancient 'burniso2cd', which still works great.

Maybe later version, that require cdrtools, will work better?

That 3.7.18 version is old, a lot of "water under the bridge" since then. pBurn is now at version 4.3.16:, I should install cdrtools and try the latest. 

EDIT 2019-06-09:
Success! I compiled cdrtools and installed in EasyOS, and pBurn 4.3.16, and now have succeeded with writing an ISO file to DVD-RW. Blog report here: 

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