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Corrugated outback roads

July 18, 2019 — BarryK

I just posted about the Jimny 4wd versus bigger vehicles, and mentioned the bone-breaking corrugated outback roads. If you are not an Aussie, or are an Aussie but never experienced these roads, then you might find this interesting.

Here is the previous blog post:

Here is a photo of a typical corrugated road:


The photo comes from here:

These roads can go on for hundreds of kilometres, even several hundred kilometres depending on how remote you are venturing. I have driven some roads like this in the northern parts of Western Australia, in a Holden Barina, just an ordinary small road car. It survived, except the battery failed, as the casing cracked.

Interesting the advice on that link, to achieve a speed where you synchronise with the ripples.

Graders do traverse many of these roads, giving some measure of smoothing, though it is short-lived, and the road maintenance may be very infrequent. 

Here is an explanation how corrugations are formed: 


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