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Cute little train station at Carrabin

July 12, 2019 — BarryK

I went for a drive east of Perth, Western Australia, due-East on the Great Eastern Highway. Only drove about 300 km, however, if had kept going would have reached Kalgoorlie, which is a big-town/small-city about 700 km from Perth. Beyond that, well, can drive right to the other side of Australia.

There is a passenger train, named "The Prospector" that runs between Perth and Kalgoorlie, a daily service both directions. Quite cheap, and 50% off for pensioners (that's me!).

Anyway, I got as far as Carrabin, which has a motel/hotel/petrol-station (which was closed, at 11am on a Friday, how odd is that), and also has a train station. Oh, also a wheat silo, but that's it no houses, nothing else.

The train station would have to be an award winner for small and cute:


You have to like arid terrain to see the setting as pleasant. In the background you can see the wheat silo.

The train doesn't stop, unless you have a prepaid ticket. Given the remoteness of this station, I wonder how often it has to stop? Here is the station close-up, showing the parking bays;


...which is kind of amusing, as there is a huge open gravelled area for dozens of cars to park.

Apparently, the train really hops along, does the 700 km in under 7 hours. If you would like to see The Prospector in action, here is a video: 

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