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EasyOS Édition française

July 17, 2019 — BarryK

Announcing EasyOS French Edition, version 1.0.92, which is a Release Candidate for version 1.1.

This build is "fully" translated to French, from the first boot menu right to the desktop, with menus and most apps and utilities translated. No need to install a langpack PET.

Here is a read-me in French (Google translated):

The download is available as an image for USB-stick, or ISO for optical media. The former is recommended, but it is your call.

Download URL:

For the ISO, you need to read this blog post:

At early bootup, while still in the initrd, there are GUI windows to choose locale, keyboard-layout, and password. The locale and keyboard layout default to fr_FR.UTF-8 and fr. It is recommended to enter a password, as this encrypts the working-partition -- it doesn't matter when booting the CD into RAM, but is a security measure when you have persistent storage.

I would like to thank forum member esmourguit for considerable input with translations.

Have fun, report any issues. 

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