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French langpack updated 2019-03-21

July 01, 2019 — BarryK

This got delayed, as I went off on other projects. Gee, over three months, well, getting back into EasyOS development now.

Esmourguit (name in the Puppy Forum) sent me updates for the French langpack PET, dated 2019-03-21. The previous was 2019-03-13.

I have now updated the PET:

Esmourguit, thanks for your patience! 

Note, with EasyOS, there are language-specific builds, so there is no need to install this PET. See the current release, 1.0.14:

The langpack is included in Woof, when doing the build. Woof also does a wider sweep, finds more translations (searches through the binary packages that are used to build EasyOS) that might not be in the PET, so may result in a more complete translation than just installing the PET afterward. 

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