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Frontier stove heating a tent

July 25, 2019 — BarryK

I posted earlier today about various means to stay warm inside a tent in cold weather:

I dismissed the idea of putting my el-cheapo Kings camping stove inside a tent. But later, was googling, and found that it has been done. The Frontier stove is identical to the Kings stove, and this company sell a kit for installing it into a tent:


All of the parts to do that can be purchased individually on eBay. It is possible to fit a fireproof and rain-proof hole for the flue, to any tent. Fireproof and insulating mats are readily available, probably also from the local hardware store.

So yeah, quite doable. I would be nervous using it in a polyester tent. Polyester is apparently slow to catch fire, but once it gets going... With careful design and use, it is probably safe. The main risk would be a spark jumping out, the operator would be there on the lookout. A very large mat would be good.

Very interesting! Maybe another project, one day. Still have to build the water distiller prototype #3, so one thing at a time. 

Here is another tent stove that I discovered while googling:


...that price is in AU dollars, cheaper than the Gstove, and looks like more cooking surface. Actually, I have ordered the Winnerwell spark arrestor, at AU$29. I want it for my Kings stove. There is one for the Frontier stove, and that would fit the Kings stove flue. The Winnerwell spark arrestor and rain cap is cheaper, stainless steel, and might not be a good fit onto the Kings flue, but I will make it fit ...a mini project. 

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