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Stove spark arrestor a good fit

July 31, 2019 — BarryK

I posted recently about my Kings camp stove:

...that post was in the context of heating inside a tent. However, I am unlikely to do that, and it is just for use outside, for cooking, boiling water, and warmth.

One thing that is missing is a spark arrestor. The Kings stove is a cheaper copy of the Frontier stove, also posted about recently:

There are various accessories available for the Frontier stove, including a spark arrestor, which is sold by Tent World here in Australia -- out of stock though. So I looked online and bought this off Amazon, AU$29.99 plus postage AU$7:

The flue is specified as 2.5 inches, which is about the same as the Kings stove. The Winnerwell is all stainless steel, the Kings stove is black-painted steel. It was quite cheap compared with the alternatives, so decided to go for it.

A bit of a gamble how well it would fit onto the Kings flue pipe, but it did fit, very snuggly:


The Kings flue slid right up and pushed against the mesh, which is only held in place by a few tiny welds. So, I put in three stainless steel rivets, as a stopper for the Kings flue pipe -- one of the rivets is just visible in the above photo.

Pleased with the outcome. Might spray it with stove-black paint, so that it blends in. But that is not a high priority. 

The Kings camp stove is a high-volume seller here in AU. Possibly many people doing online research on camping stoves prior to purchase, will stumble across this page. In that case, here is the link to the Frontier spark arrestor at Tent World, hopefully in stock again soon:   

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