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Test sealant bonding to silicone tube

July 04, 2019 — BarryK

I have already reported that silicone sealant adheres extremely well to itself, that is, earlier-applied and cured sealant of the same type. I tested Parfix "roof and gutter" neutral-cure, and Selleys 401 acetic-cure.

I wanted to confirm that the sealant adheres just as well to silicone sheet, strips and tubing. I cut off a small piece of silicone tubing that was purchased off eBay, and applied both of these sealants:


Waited a couple of days, then tried to get it off. No, firmly stuck on. The bond is so good, there is no way to peal the sealant off, when apply excessive force actually tears the sealant. Both sealants have bonded this good. 

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