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YouTubeDL updated and improved

July 25, 2019 — BarryK

YouTubeDL is a simple GUI frontend for the Python script 'youtube-dl', written in shell script and using 'gtkdialog', 'xdialog' and 'popup' for the GUI presentation.

In the latest EasyOS, I wanted to download a video, but it didn't work. The YouTube site "shifts the goal posts" periodically, presumably to deter video downloaders. Consequently, the latest 'youtube-dl' has to be downloaded.

I have created a new PET:

What is needed is a button on the GUI, so that users can perform the update whenever required. So, YouTubeDL now has an "Update" button, and is version 0.4:

Yay, getting closer to releasing EasyOS 1.1! 

Tags: easy