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Another photo Jimny next to large car

August 12, 2019 — BarryK

I continue to be amused by these photos. This one was posted on Facebook by Matthew Fuller:


I don't know what make/model that larger vehicle is.

You can follow this link to earlier photos: 

EDIT 2019-08-13:
Received emails from David W. and Anno, informing me that the large vehicle is a Chevrolet pickup truck, the Silverado model. Thanks for the info guys.

David sent a link, Chevrolet has returned to Australia last year:

6.6 litre V8 diesel engine, turbo-charger optional. Prices start around AU$38,000 for the basic 2wd, and AU$41,000 for 4wd.   Prices go way up from those figures. Here is a review:

...they drove 1,000km and got 13.5 litres/100km. My Hyundai Getz (1.4 litre engine) does 6.8 litres/100km, highway driving at around 100km/h. 

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