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Easy Buster 2.1 released

August 25, 2019 — BarryK

This is the start of EasyOS "Buster" series, versions 2.x. Announcement blurb:

EasyOS versions 1.x are the "Pyro" series, the latest is 1.2. Easy Pyro is built with packages compiled from source using 'oe-qky-src', a fork of OpenEmbedded. Consequently, the builds are small and streamlined and integrated. The Pyro series may have future releases, but it is considered to be in maintenance mode.

The "Buster" series start from version 2.0, and are intended to be where most of the action is, ongoing. Version 2.0 was really a beta-quality build, to allow the testers to report back. The first official release is 2.1.

The main feature of Easy Buster is that it is built from Debian 10 Buster DEBs, using WoofQ (a fork of Woof2. Woof-CE is another fork of Woof2, used to build Puppy Linux).

The advantage of Buster over Pyro is access to the large Debian package repositories. That is a big plus.

On the other hand, DEB packages have many dependencies, and the end result is a release considerably larger than Pyro with similar app selection. For example, the download file of Pyro 1.2 is 418MB, Buster is 504MB -- despite the Buster build having less apps (Pyro has Qt5 and big Qt5-based apps such as Scribus, this is all missing from the Buster build, but can be installed).

Another problem with Buster, potential problem anyway, is the choice of underlying infrastructure. For example, Debian uses systemd, pam, avahi and policykit -- EasyOS does not use these, but as they are dependencies of many apps, they have to be installed, yet inactive.

Finally we have arrived and 2.1 is out. EasyOS is an experimental distribution, and some features are a work-in-progress, and likely to be so for the foreseeable future. So bare that in mind, that the operation might not be "just works" in every respect as you might expect from an official release of one of the major distributions such as Debian or Ubuntu.

Detailed release notes are here:

It is recommended to also read this "readme" file:


Feedback is welcome, in this forum thread:

Have fun! 

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