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Easy Buster 64-bit version 2.0 released

August 07, 2019 — BarryK

Here it is a new series of EasyOS, built from Debian Buster DEBs, as well as some packages from Easy Pyro and some compiled especially.

As this is a significant change, the version numbering has bumped the major-number, so this release is 2.0. This does not mean it is a "final" release. Easy is an experimental distribution and all releases are better described as beta quality. Though, some users do say that my idea of beta-quality is better than release-quality of some distributions.

I won't announce this one on Distrowatch, will do one or two minor-version jumps first.

There are parts of Easy that are very much a work-in-progress.

For example, 2.0 has new GUIs for network management, requiring refinement. Ethernet connection should just-work. Wifi, will require click on the network icon in the tray, and choose the SSID, then enter password. There are at least two issues with wifi -- it does not automatically connect after reboot, and sometimes have to select it twice from the tray, to make a connection.

A known bug is there are a couple of icons missing in the menu.

There is a new theme, very pale. You might find that it makes your screen too bright, but there are darker choices via the "Desktop" menu.

There will be a Pyro 1.1 release soon, but it is expected to be EOL.


Feedback is welcome, see here:

You will see in that forum thread, I mentioned that some things are postponed. There are various ideas for improvement, that should come out in future 2.x releases.

For now, only the English build, and only .img.gz file, for writing to a USB stick. German and French builds to come soon. 

I just did an upgrade of Easy installed to a hard drive, as per instructions here:

Very simple, upgraded from the Pyro series 1.0.92 to Buster series 2.0. At bootup, it dropped the devx SFS, as that is for the previous version -- so will have to click on "sfsget" go download the new one.

The new desktop theme came up, except for one odd thing, not the GTK theme -- that has dropped to the "Default" theme.

For those who are wanting to try Easy for the very first time, see here:

...another popular utility to write the image file to USB Flash stick is "Etcher", for both Windows and Linux. 

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