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Easy Containers GUI improved

August 31, 2019 — BarryK

There are improvements to the Easy Containers GUI. This is launched via the "Filesystem" category in the menu. Here is the latest main window:


There are two main improvements:

1. Security levels
The idea is to choose a broad criteria to preselect the options in the Expert tab. Given that the options in the Expert tab might be confusing without studying them carefully, this simple seven-level system makes it easier.

2. GUI to manage security options for existing containers
Previously, the only way to change the security options for an existing container was to edit it's 'configuration' file. Now, you choose a container from the drop-down list in the "Manage" frame, and the "Security options" frame gets loaded. You can make changes if you wish, then click "Update & exit" button.

/usr/local/easy_containers/templates has 'configuration' files for some apps. This can be expanded to have configurations that have been tested to work.

Attention has been given to installing an SFS or app where absolute minimal security is required, The 'devx' SFS for example, we could install it to a container, and want all the power, just want to install so that it doesn't affect the main desktop. 

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