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Fixed opening up initrd.q

August 10, 2019 — BarryK

In EasyOS, the 'initrd' file can be opened up just be clicking on it. It's contents are extracted to /root/initrd-expanded. Then, by clicking on 'initrd' again, it can be updated from /root/initrd-expanded.

Quirky has the same feature, however the file is named 'initrd.q'.

Running easyOS, I wanted to open up an 'initd.q' file on a Quirky USB-stick, but it failed. The script that does this is /usr/sbin/edit-initramfs. I have fixed it, so that it now opens 'initrd.q'. Haven't tested, but it should also open up other types, such as 'initrd.gz' used in puppies. 

Tags: easy