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Fixes when SFS layers change

August 19, 2019 — BarryK

After releasing Easy Buster 2.0, I upgraded my frugal installation of Easy on my tower PC, from version 1.1. This is achieved by simply copying the three new files, as explained here:

I was running from the frugal installation at the time, but that is OK. Rebooted, and the upgrade happened, no problem.

Except that the GTK theme was broken. The reason was that the GTK theme in easy.sfs 1.1 was not in easy.sfs 2.0.

The 'init' script in the initrd detects if SFS layers have changed, including a version change, and runs a script named 'fixlayers'. I have done some more work on this script to ensure theming is sane after a version change, plus some other checks.

SFS layers can introduce all kinds of problems, and 'fixlayers' does a lot of checking to make sure that what is seen "on top" is appropriate.   

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