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Kernel 5.2.7 with cap_sys_mount patch

August 11, 2019 — BarryK

I posted about an experiment in May 2018, to drop Linux Capabilites prior to switch_root:

I thought it was very interesting, but took it no further.

Now, I have applied a modified patch to the 5.2.7 kernel. This patch adds Linux Capability 'cap_sys_mount', but does not remove it from 'cap_sys_admin'. That is, if cap_sys_admin capability is dropped, so to will be the ability to mount and unmount partitions. I wanted cap_sys_admin to work as before. Now though, mount/unmount capability can be individually dropped, by dropping cap_sys_mount and keeping cap_sys_admin.

Kernel source is here:

The kernel PET is here:

The plan is to offer option to drop mount/unmount capability in the early boot menu. 

Tags: easy