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NM now starts wpa_supplicant automatically

August 07, 2019 — BarryK

I posted recently about network-manager, daemon 'NetworkManager', not starting 'wpa_supplicant' daemon automatically, though it does in Pyro:

Then yesterday, testing modem-manager-gui, found that dbus needed a fix for launching helper-apps:

It turned out that the dbus fix also fixed automatic loading of wpa_supplicant, so it isn't required to explicitly start wpa_supplicant.

I don't know anything about dbus, and I am sure will forget how it was fixed. So, here are some brief notes for future reference...

This file needs suid bit set:


...why that should be required when running as root, I don't know. Ask the dbus developers. From online reading, this issue came in at a fairly recent version of dbus.

The actual dbus file responsible for starting wpa_supplicant:


One issue that I did encounter, is that this file needs to assign permissions to allow the wpa_supplicant-related *.service files to run:


Lots of fun, heh?  

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