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Request to mirror EasyOS from

August 27, 2019 — BarryK

EasyOS is hosted at, for which I am extremely grateful. has provided a hosting service for Linux distributions for a very long time, I think about 15 years, maybe more.

The hosting on can be mirrored, using rsync, however, EasyOS currently has no mirrors. To take the strain off the ibiblio servers, it would be great if there were some mirrors.

If you are administrator of a site, and would like to do this, it would be most helpful. Or, you know of a site that would be prepared to do this, and are able to request it.

This is the URL for EasyOS, total size is about 70GB: maintains a forum, with threads on rsync and ftp:

Here is how OpenMandriva does rsyncing from 

If you do it, let me know. The alternative download URL can then be added to the PETget package manager (see "petget" icon at top of screen). Note, in EasyOS, the repositories used by PETget are listed in /root/.packages, files 'DISTRO_COMPAT_REPOS' and 'SISTRO_PET_REPOS'.  So, you could edit latter file (the 'PET_REPOS' and 'SFS_REPOS' variables) and test your mirroring.  That last variable is used by "SFSget" (see "sfsget" on desktop). 

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