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Tweaks to the folder hierarchy

August 29, 2019 — BarryK

EasyOS does not adhere exactly to the Linux directory hierarchy. For example, at the top-level there is /audit, which has the audit-trail for the PETget package manager.

One problem is the path to a shared folder, for apps running in containers to be able to pass files to the main desktop. It was a bit confusing, '/mnt/wkg/home/shared' on the main desktop, and '/shared-folder' inside the container.

Previously, the '/home' folder on the main desktop has sub-folders 'zeus' and 'rover'. These are user accounts that I have experimented with. I have renamed '/home' to '/clients', so that 'zeus' and 'rover' are now inside '/clients'. This is of course very non-standard, but I want to free-up '/home' for another use.

In EasyOS, we have a different meaning for the "home" folder. In the working partition, seen mounted at /mnt/wkg/home, has the user's folders for open|save|download -- just click on the "file" icon on top-left of screen to see the contents. All apps are intended to have this as their default open|save|download path.

In my EasyOS that I am running right now, when I click the "file" icon, it opens at '/mnt/sda10/home'. sda10 is my working partition, and '/mnt/wkg' is a symlink to the working-partition. This is symlink set at every bootup, So even if the working-partition name chages, as it may do if booting off USB, '/mnt/wkg/home' will always be correct. Anyway, that is a digression.

The important change that I have done now is make '/home' into a symlink to '/mnt/wkg/home'.

Getting back to the problem with paths to shared folders for container to main desktop, it is now '/home/shared' both on the main desktop and inside the container. Much simpler.

In future, I will endeavour to get all apps to use '/home' as their default open|save|download path. So again, it will be much simpler. 

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