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Video playing in Easy Buster not so good

August 22, 2019 — BarryK

Another hurdle, just when I was thinking version 2.1 is ready for release. I tried the Xine media player, and it hung the entire desktop, required pressing of the reset button. This is on my HP midi-tower, with Intel graphics. Experimenting...

Running xine with a specific video driver, "# xine -V <driver>":

Crashes at startup
Crashes at startup
Starts then hangs the desktop
Works, but cannot resize video or run full-screen

Trying my collection of test video files, using the opengl driver, plays them, but my Big Buck Bunny MP4 videos play with screen flicker. DVD movie plays OK.

Then I installed VLC from the Debian repository -- after all, this is the main reason for going with binary compatibility with Debian, access to the huge repository.

VLC runs, but all videos play with gross video and audio distortion. Doesn't matter what video driver and video acceleration is chosen in the settings. Oh cr*p. 

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