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WoofQ tarball 20190811 uploaded

August 11, 2019 — BarryK

My derivative of Woof, actually derived from Woof2, at the same time that Woof-CE branched off from Woof2, was called WoofQ, then recently I started calling it just Woof. But, on reflection, that might be confusing, people might think that this is the "real Woof" and Woof-CE an offshoot. So, might be best if stayed with the WoofQ name.

The "Q" came from Quirky. However, as Quirky is retired, maybe it should be named WoofE.

So, WoofQ/WoofE, as used to build Easy Buster 2.0 and Pyro 1.1.1, is uploaded as a tarball, dated 20190811 (108.7MB):

I do not maintain it as an online repository, just upload tarballs. 

Tags: easy