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Compile system for SeaMonkey 2.49.5

September 10, 2019 — BarryK

I reported on the journey to get the latest SeaMonkey to compile:

I have successfully compiled SM for Easy Buster and Pyro, and created PETs. It is based upon the work done by Slackware developer guys.

The main reason that it wasn't compiling for me earlier, was that I was trying to use the "cairo-gtk2" backend, however, only "cairo-gtk3" works. It looks like the end of an era. No one has bothered to get the bugs out of the "cairo-gtk2" build.

The Slackware build is configured with most libraries builtin, rather than using system libraries, such as icu, jpeg, libevent, etc. I have changed to use system libraries as much as possible, except for sqlite and png -- those two need the inbuilt versions, at least that used to be the case. The end result is considerably smaller than the Slackware build.

Note, it also used to be that SM needed the inbuilt icu, otherwise it was unstable. However, I compiled with the system icu and tested on various sites and it is stable. Didn't test with non-English $LANG though.

There was a problem with the build on Easy Buster, the install step "make -f install" failed. So, I put in crude manual install code, which does not create the 'omni.ja' file. This is a zip archive that has all of the 'chrome' and 'components' folders, which is supposed to improve operation speed. I emphasize "supposed to".

Anyway, there is an install to /usr/lib/seamonkey-2.49.5, and on Puppy-like systems if you change the /usr/lib/seamonkey symlink and maybe the /usr/bin/seamonkey symlink, you are good-to-go.

Here is the build system and SM source: need to expand the 'seamonkey-build' tarball and put the SM source tarball inside it. Then run the script. 

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