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Easy Pyro 1.2.2 released

September 12, 2019 — BarryK

This is a maintenance release in the EasyOS "Pyro" series, that have version numbers 1.x. Most attention is now on the "Buster" series, version numbers 2.x, however, it is anticipated that there will be more releases of the Pyro series, mostly just updating the infrastructure.

As Easy Pyro is built with woofQ, same as for Easy Buster, all infrastructure improvements will apply to both series. So, the release notes for the latest Buster also apply to Pyro, that is, anything infrastructure-related and not package-specific:

Easy Buster version 2.1.2 will be released soon, and will have some infrastructure improvements that are in Pyro 1.2.2.

Regarding packages, relative to Pyro 1.2, the kernel has been bumped from 5.2.9 to 5.2.10, and SeaMonkey from 2.49.4 to 2.49.5.

This is the download site, and includes German and French builds:

One thing that you will notice after booting 1.2.2, is a slight change on the desktop (snapshot taken on a 1024x768 monitor):


...the label "file" at top-left is now "home", and the label for running EasyOS as a complete-desktop-in-a-container, was "easy", now "pyro".

The reason for the latter change is to avoid having two icons on the screen having the label "easy". I am planning to post some more documentation on using containers, but briefly, if you are currently running Pyro, you can also run Buster in a container -- so the Pyro icon will be labeled "pyro" and the Buster icon will be labeled "buster". 

Important upgrade notice

EDIT 20190916:
The problem described below has been fixed in EasyOS versions 1.2.3 and 2.1.3. The fix will occur automatically.

I have Easy Pyro installed on the SSD in my Mele mini-PC, and I upgraded by the simple method of replacing the three files 'vmlinuz', 'initrd' and 'easy.sfs' in the boot-partition, and of course clicking on 'initrd' to "fix" it, as described here:

I discovered that the desktop has two icons on top of each other, labelled "easy" and "pyro". This is a problem due to the name change. I could put in hack-code to fix it, however, it is a "one off" upgrade problem, and it is simpler just to give some instructions for a manual fix.

EasyOS still has a small number of users, and even smaller who have an installation that they would want to upgrade -- most users are, I think, just writing a Flash-stick with the new version and starting from scratch.

So, here is how to perform this one-off fix:

  1. Drag the icon labeled "pyro" off the other one, right-click on it and choose "Remove item".
  2. Right-click on the "easy" icon, choose "Edit item" and change "/usr/sbin/ec-chroot-easy" to "/usr/sbin/ec-chroot-pyro", and change the displayed text from "easy" to "pyro".
  3. Delete the script /usr/sbin/ec-chroot-easy
  4. Change the name of the folder '/mnt/wkg/containers/easy' to 'pyro'.
  5. Open /mnt/wkg/containers/pyro/desktop in a text editor and change "EC_LABEL=easy" to "EC_LABEL=pyro" and "EC_PATH=/usr/sbin/ec-chroot-easy" to "EC_PATH=/usr/sbin/ec-chroot-pyro".

 That's it, you are good-to-go. If you click on the "pyro" desktop icon, the complete desktop-in-container should launch. 

Note, an alternative to those five steps is simply to erase the working session. That will delete browser history, bookmarks, installed packages, etc (but won't affect containers or anything in /home). In the menu Filesystem -> Easy Version Control, click the "Erase the working session" button. 

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