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Figuring out how to cut with a router

September 16, 2019 — BarryK

I have extremely basic tools in my garage, just a few hand tools. Planning for solar water distiller prototype #3, I realised that I need a router. So, I ordered the cheapest one on eBay, just AU$30.77 delivered. So cheap, not much power in that motor, but it should do the job:

img1, it wasn't sent via Australia Post. They have used Fastway Couriers and it is coming by truck from the other side of Australia.

I need to cut 3mm (1/8 inch) grooves, about 1/4 inch deep, down the entire length of some pine:

I didn't order any router bits off eBay, and looking at Bunnings, they are not cheap. The cheapest 1/8 inch bits are these, at AU$12.79:

These are single-flute. A question, if anyone reading this has some experience with routers -- would the single-flute design be OK for cutting the grooves? The dual-flute bits are twice the price.

There is a second question. I need to cut a slot down the length of some aluminium tube, this tube:

The slot will not start from the end, and will be about 600mm long. I have watched videos on YouTube showing that small routers can be used to cut aluminium, and even cheap router bits used.

The challenge will be to mount the tube in such a way that the guide that comes with the router can be used. It is do-able I reckon, however, the question again is whether that single-flute bit will do the job?

I am extremely reluctant to buy a router bit that costs almost as much as the router!  Especially if it becomes dulled after using it with aluminium and has to be discarded. 

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