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Fix for screen locking

September 30, 2019 — BarryK

Forum member Argolance reported that screen locking, via the icon labelled "lock" on the desktop, does not work in Easy Buster.

Yes, running "ldd /usr/bin/xlock" in a terminal revealed that one of the shared libraries is the wrong version. Executable 'xlock' is in the 'xlockmore' PET package, and I had used the PET from the 'thud' build of Easy. The required library is '', which is present, however it is an incompatible version. This is one of the problems if we try to use PETs from a different distro, or even a different version of the same distro.

I compiled 'xlockmore' in Easy Buster 2.1.3, and now it works. The fixed PET will be used in the next release of Easy Buster. 

Tags: easy